Looking for a Netball Club?

Are you interested in playing netball for a competitive outdoor club in Darwin’s premier netball league? Are you die-hard, or just looking to join a regular outdoor competition for fun and fitness? Northern Districts is interested hearing from you for the upcoming DNA wet season competition. This competition allows you to become involved and familiar with our club and its members. Are you interested?

Contact Kelly our Senior Player Rep requesting more information.
Read more info about the DNA wet season competition here.

DNA Wet Season Competition Nominations Close Today!

The DNA Wet Season Competition nominations close today. If you’re looking to get involved with a netball club prior to the season proper then now’s your chance to come down and give Northern Districts a go!
During the regular season Northern Districts has sides of all skill levels from the seasoned ‘A’ grade players down to the more casual player who wants a bit of fun and fitness in a team participation sport.
The Wet Season competition provides you the opportunity to come and learn about our members and what our club is all about in a relaxed atmosphere before the regular season gets into full swing. There’s also a mixed competition for the fellas to get involved with as well!


Contact our Senior Player Rep for more information about joining Northern Districts. For further information on rules and registration of wet season teams contact Emma on 0447 887 779.

Wet Season Kicks Off This Thursday

For those of us keen enough to risk the elements the Darwin Netball Association Wet Season Competition kicks off this Thursday. Currently the draw features nominations from 8 teams in both A and B grades, 6 teams in C, and 5 in the mixed division. It’s great that there’s been a lot of interest.

Districts are fielding teams in both A grade and the mixed comps and I’m sure we’re going to give the others a run for their money!

The schedule will be posted shortly.

2010 Indoor Netball National Titles Underway

The 2010 Indoor Netball National Titles are currently underway at the Brisbane West Indoor Sports Centre. The Northern Territory has sent a representative mixed side that includes Matt White. Matt represented Queensland at the AMMNA 2010 Nationals earlier this year and will be joining Northern Districts Mixed in the Wet Season competition upon his return. Good luck to the NT!

Northern Districts Mixed Wet Season Winners

Congratulations to Northern Districts Mixed who won the Darwin Netball Association Wet Season Mixed division grand final last night. Districts won a physical contest convincingly with a 15 goal margin by the final whistle.

The Districts Mixed Wet Season team included:
Matthew White
Ali Hill
Ben Manfield
Jourdan Pym
Liz McCouaig
Sarah Passalick
Leah Bushell
Tom Peters
Marissa Chaplin

Well done Northern Districts Mixed!!