Reminder: Advanced Taping Workshop – Darwin

Sports Medicine Australia NT will be running an advanced taping workshop in Darwin.

When: Wednesday 3rd November 2010
Venue: Conference Room, Sports Medicine Australia, Sports House, Fannie Bay
Time: 6.30pm-9.30pm
Cost: $50.00 non member / $30 SMA Members (Cost includes any course materials and refreshments)


School Holiday Netball Clinic – Last Chance to Register!

It’s your last chance to register for the school holiday netball clinic being heldat the Sitzler Netball Centre. Inside word is that Northern Districts A grade and Territory Storm representative Liz McCouaig will be on hand assisting with skills development and signing autographs.

See our previous post for further info.

Apply Now!! Play for the 2011 Territory Storm

Would you like to represent your Territory in 2011? Apply now for your chance to play for the Territory Storm!!

Important information for 2011 Applicants
Download the Home Fitness Program here.

Completed Application Forms must be returned to the Netball NT office via email. Applications close on the 28th of February, 2011.

If you have any queries, contact the Netball NT office on (08) 8945 1733. Good Luck!!

Foundation Coaching Course

Netball Foundation Coaching Course

The Foundation Coaching Course is designed for beginner and club coaches. It covers basic coaching principles, the teaching and correcting of netball and modified netball skills, and is a great course to attend if you are interested in becoming a coach.

Venue: Darwin Netball Association, Netball Centre, Board Room, 235 Abala Road Marrara
Date: 22nd March & 29th March 2011
Time: 5:30 – 7:30pm

Download a registration form.

The course is also being conducted in Alice Springs in February 2011.

For further details please contact Jourdan at Netball NT on (08) 8945 2399.

Pre-season Training Underway

Hi all,
Well training started on Thursday night and it was great to see quite a lot of new faces, and old as well. Thanks to Lizzie for putting us through our paces, and I am sure that all of us were a bit pooped today (or I was anyway).

Next training is at the Palmerston Indoor Sports center (next to the library) on Monday from 6.30 to 7.30 and could I ask all those attending to bring $5 to help cover the court hire.

If you have yet to reply to my emails, please do so, so that we can get an idea of how many players, and in what grades they will be.

See you all soon,
Claire Elliston


Hi all,

The season is fast approaching and training is now ON!! Only eight at Palmerston on Monday, but did we work hard! It costs $75 per hour to hire these courts, so we need at least 15 players to cover costs. Remember we need to have all players, past and future, register their interest, and if you are new to attend a few trainings so we can finalise teams. Please, if your receiving these emails and are not going to play, please let me know.

Next training is on Thursday at Marrara 6.30 to 7.30, hope to see you all there.



Thursday’s Training Review

It has been great to see and hear the enthusiasm at our training sessions. Thursday caused a slow day on Friday, my legs were staging a little protest after all that running, I shall have a word with the coach…might reward the workers with some court play on Monday.

For those of you who are interested I’ve provided two of the drills that we ran through.

Combination Drill

(7 passes and change position)
Netball Drill 1
* Player A starts with the ball
* Player A makes a shoulder pass (1); to player B
* Player B makes a shoulder pass (2) to the moving player A
* Player A makes a chest pass (3) to player C driving to the left
* Player A cuts behind player C, who makes a shoulder pass (4) back to player B
* Player C drives back to the original position to take a chest pass (5) from player B
* Player C makes a lob pass (6) to A who then makes a shoulder pass (7) to D (next in line)
* Without stopping the drill player A takes up position at B player B takes up position C and player C returns to the end of the line at E.

Coaching Points
* Pass to space ahead of a player on the move
* Drive to a vacant space to receive a pass
* Variety of passes, timing, footwork, agility skills
* Speed and accuracy

To increase the difficulty:
* Allow player A to move either left or right after the first pass

Cut, Pass and Shoot

* Player A starts with the ballNetball Drill 3
* Player A makes a shoulder pass (1) to player B and sprints to cut around B and into the circle.
* Player C makes a chest pass (2) across the circle to player C.
* Player C makes a chest pass (3) to player A cutting into the circle close to the goal post.
* Player A catches the ball, balances and shoots (4) for goal.
* Player B comes into the circle after pass 3 and takes the rebound after the shot for goal.
* Player B makes a shoulder pass (5) back to player D, who is now forst in line, and sprints to the end of the line.
* Player A moves into position C.
* Player C moves to position B and the sequence is repeated.

Coaching Points
* Strong, accurate passing.
* Shooting.
* Rebounding.
* Quick thinking.
* Pass to space.

* Player B defends the shot for goal by A – both try for the rebound.
* Change from right side to left.
* Use a bounce pass for pass 2.

Monday Training Time now 6pm

Good turn out on Thursday, great to see more new faces around the club. As per our discussion Monday night trainings at the YMCA Palmerston (across from the library) will now start at 6.00 (NOT 6.30) and go till 7 pm.

For all those that attended Thursdays training last week were we recorded how far we can jump, run etc. These are the results, along with the results for the NZ team to compare to!


Pre-season Training Review from the Coach

Last Monday saw a good turnout and it was nice to be running around in the inside in the dry having escaped the rain outdoors that was to become cyclone Carlos; mastering some drills and attempting others. There were lots of blonde jokes bandied about, the difference between left and right appears to be an issue for some as does backwards and forwards. Lets hope we can get a better handle on this basic component of netball, and indeed everyday life, come round one.

The die-hards were out in force on Thursday in the drizzle and it was surprisingly pleasant for the hour we worked. – note to self: need to bring stopwatch with big numbers.

With the start of the season approaching players need to make the effort to attend training so that we can put teams together and attempt to be organised before the opening round. I have attached the DNA player nomination form for all to fill in. You are required to complete the form and return it to me as soon as possible. If you have any queries regarding your nomination please do not hesitate to raise it with me at training.

Remember Monday is 6pm @ Palmerston Y

Oh and did we all see Lisa McGough in Sundays social pages? She bears a striking resemblance to our very own Liz McCouaig.

Sausage Sizzle Success

It was great to see some familiar, and some new faces at the BBQ yesterday. About a dozen people came along and it was nice to touch base again and catch up with all the news and events that occurred over the off-season. Thanks to Sue for supply the drinks and to Darcy for cooking the snags.

Our first training will be this coming Thursday at the Marrara courts starting at 6. See you all there. Remember to keep an eye on our website to keep up with all the latest news.