Athlete Development Academy

Northern Districts Eagles Netball Club is proud to offer to its members participation in the 2019 Athlete Development Academy.  This academy is designed to promote long term athlete development by improving strength, speed and overall physical competency, along with promoting other aspects relating to becoming an elite athlete, such as; nutrition, leadership, drugs in sport, injury prevention etc.

This is not a netball academy!  The attributes developed will be beneficial for any sport played and can also prove beneficial in school, work and social life.

With workshop presentations by NTIS coaches and Netball NT and Sports Medicine Australia representatives, the academy will prove beneficial for not just athletes, but coaches and parents also.

Benefits for the athlete

By improving not just strength, but overall physical competence, (the ability to move, bend and stretch correctly), athlete’s ability to learn and develop sport specific skills will improve, leading to increased sporting confidence and success, along with reducing the chance of injury. 

Develop an understanding of the requirements for elite level competition, allowing for a smoother transition upon selection to representative teams.

Benefits for the coach

Develop an understanding of how to improve their athlete’s all-round physical capabilities and realise the benefits for long term athlete development.

Receive instruction and advice from leading NT coaches and support staff

Benefits for the parent

Develop an understanding of how to best support your child’s sporting dreams, both at home and on the playing arena. 

Understand the processes and the reasons for these processes, put in place by coaches and sporting clubs to aid in the sporting development of your child.


Territory Netball Stadium


Every Saturday from May 11 to August 24, (not including school holidays), 10:00 to 11:30am

Who can participate?

All registered players and coaches of Northern Districts Eagles Netball Club and parents of players


12 and over $60.00

11 and under $40.00

Coaches and parents free of charge

Registrations open soon

Contact David Mundy for more information

0427 143 800