Pre-season Training Review from the Coach

Last Monday saw a good turnout and it was nice to be running around in the inside in the dry having escaped the rain outdoors that was to become cyclone Carlos; mastering some drills and attempting others. There were lots of blonde jokes bandied about, the difference between left and right appears to be an issue for some as does backwards and forwards. Lets hope we can get a better handle on this basic component of netball, and indeed everyday life, come round one.

The die-hards were out in force on Thursday in the drizzle and it was surprisingly pleasant for the hour we worked. – note to self: need to bring stopwatch with big numbers.

With the start of the season approaching players need to make the effort to attend training so that we can put teams together and attempt to be organised before the opening round. I have attached the DNA player nomination form for all to fill in. You are required to complete the form and return it to me as soon as possible. If you have any queries regarding your nomination please do not hesitate to raise it with me at training.

Remember Monday is 6pm @ Palmerston Y

Oh and did we all see Lisa McGough in Sundays social pages? She bears a striking resemblance to our very own Liz McCouaig.